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Val de Vie has a deep understanding that safety and security is a vital to every homeowner. A 2m high wrought-iron fence, concrete plinths and full electrical fence protects the estate’s 9km perimeter. This fence serves as the base deterrent for criminal activities, making it very hard for perpetrators to gain access.

In the case of break-in attempts, sensors trigger alarms in the Val de Vie Control Room as well as our off-site monitoring centre. This allows a prompt investigation by our CCTV network and our on-site patrol officers.

Val de Vie was one of the first estates in South Africa that implemented biometric-access control measures. This allows tracking of entrance/exit, and movement of persons, a highly useful control measure.

Residents are further safeguarded from unauthorised visitors by automated booms that control access to resident villages.

Guarding on the estate is a vital component of our security. The 21 employed members of staff represent the friendly face at the access gates, the problem solvers, the investigators and the crime preventers. With daily patrols of the estate perimeter and the surrounding areas, exceeding a 5km radius, the residents can rest assured, knowing they are in good hands.

Under the leadership of an active security committee, a long term strategy has been formulated that ensures risks to be continuously monitored and addressed. On the immediate radar is the installation of a thermal CCTV barrier with early warning detection capabilities. Staying ahead with regard to our residents’ safety is paramount to the estate.

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