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Val de Vie offers an exceptional winelands lifestyle. With its state-of-the-art security, dazzling scenery and a variety of leisure activities, it’s no wonder that the estate is one of the most sought after addresses in South Africa.

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French Provencal and Cape Colonial architecture sets an elegant tone in this luxurious yet laid back development. A set of design guidelines, prepared by the developers and their professional team, has been created to control the architectural and environmental identity of Val de Vie. The Home Owners Association together with the developers and controlling architects ensures that the guidelines are complied with during the design and construction phases.

The guidelines have been carefully designed to establish a timeless and collective architectural identity throughout the estate without inhibiting the individual’s creativity and style. The control elements are, amongst other things: the covering, pitch and colour of the roofs; exterior paint colours; the street and environmental interfaces; the appearances of the plinths; the appearances of the windows and relationship between buildings.

The plot owner is free to choose his/her own registered architect, and is not only subjected to the condition that these written guidelines form the basis of the house design.


The initial infrastructure, including the Pavilion and Stables, was completed in 2006 and the very first home built in 2007. Since then the building activity has increased yearly as more and more families are making Val de Vie their home. Being a primary resident estate, the result has been the emergence of a vibrant and tightly knitted family.

If you are looking for quality of life, for both young and old (including the pets), as well as peace of mind secure country living, you simply must visit your on-site, resident property consultant to show you how life was meant to be lived!

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Various properties are for sale and we also have houses to rent.