Stabling at Val de Vie Estate


Against a backdrop of the grandiose Simonsberg and Franschhoek mountains, facing the impressive Pavilion field, stands the stylish Val de Vie stable block, designed to cater for the comfort of horse and rider.

The 2 spacious drive-through stable blocks, with over 64 loose boxes, is designed for optimal ventilation. Daily manure disposal, excellent drainage, hygienic management and biological fly control ensure odour-free and healthy stables. The design allows for safe social interaction between horses and welcomes visitors.


Other facilities include fully equipped tack rooms, lunging rings, exercise track and practice field. Not to mention the exclusive Founders Lounge Club House where clients have access to change rooms and are able to relax in style after an exhilarating day on the field.


Complete livery and exercise care is available for participants of all equestrian disciplines. Horses are provided with daily turn out in secure camps with expert care provided by an on-site professional team giving members and horse owners peace of mind knowing their prize equine friends are well taken care of.



Grooms play a pivotal role in horse care – a full responsibility, seven days a week. The Val de Vie grooms take care of each horse’s daily needs, from feeding and grooming, to exercising the ponies and getting them tacked up for polo, providing riders with valued service.

Under the ever-watchful eye of Stable Master – George Mumba, who is not only experienced when it comes to horses, but is also a master on the polo field – the grooms give only their best when working with the horses, knowing each by name. George is fanatical about who he employs and every groom is given on-going training to become a skilled equestrian expert in his own right.