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Why not host you wedding at the spectacular Val de Vie Estate?














Private Events

From exquisite weddings and private parties to festive year-end functions, Val de Vie is an exceptional setting for any type of event. Our events team delights in coordinating memorable occasions that reflect your unique style and preferencess.

Examples of events that we can host:

  • Corporate conferences
  • Product launches
  • Year-end functions
  • Weddings (both intimate and large)
  • Parties


Hosting an event at Val de Vie offers you the luxury of choice. With several unique venues within the estate, you can discover the perfect setting in which to celebrate your occasion.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is a prestigious venue for almost any event, from luxury weddings and parties to conferences. The ballroom can seat up to 300 people and includes an imported bamboo laminated dance floor, gleaming marble tiles and three huge silver chandeliers. Equipped with some of the finest facilities in the land, this is an unparalleled setting.

The Founder’s Lounge

Entertain in style at the Founder’s Lounge, an intimate venue that’s perfect for conferences, personal birthday parties or small workshops.

The Manor House

With its beautiful gardens, the elegant Manor house is ideal for outdoor functions (weather dependent).

The Polo Club Restaurant

For a relaxed but elegant event, tables can be reserved at The Polo Club Restaurant.


On-the-day Coordination

Our On-the-day Coordination Service allows you to relax and enjoy your event on the day itself. We will manage the course of your event according to a strict programme, ensuring that it’s a flawless experience.

Full Coordination

Our comprehensive Full Coordination Service offers the ultimate in planning luxury. With your unique preferences and needs taken into account, our team will manage every element of your event and ensure that it runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Private Room

With Private Room we can coordinate an event in your home or chosen venue, offering you the convenience of a boutique event experience.

By Appointment Coordination

Whether you’re dreaming of a beach wedding or a smart corporate retreat, we can bring the expertise of Val de Vie to your event. Our team can coordinate off-site events at the venue of your choice, from destination weddings and parties to so much more.

Sports & Leisure Centre


The Val de Vie lifestyle fosters a sense of wellbeing and a range of fitness options in a tranquil setting.

Kindly note that the membership is free for all Home Owners.

Our range of facilities includes:

  • A fully equipped gym with world-class equipment and spinning bikes
  • Two squash courts
  • Two floodlit tennis courts
  • 25m Heated indoor pool that also hosts the Ryk Neethling Swimming School
  • Steamrooms & Saunas
  • Personal training
  • Powerplate
  • Spinning classes
  • Pilates classes

Health Club information

Operating hours
Monday-Friday 05:00-21:00
Saturday-Sunday: 06:00-19:00

Early morning Horse ride along with the training Polo Horses at Val de Vie Estate!!

Social Responsibility @ Val de Vie

Tosophy: Preserve. Protect. Enhance. Restore. Manage. Sustain.he Val De Vie Phil

Unlike many other lifestyle est

ates, Val de Vie embraces a

responsible and nurturing socio-environmental ethos. We are immensely proud of our achievements, not only in having transformed the lives of those who previously lived under abject conditions on the original Kliprug Farm, but also in breathing new life into once-sterile land that was damaged by intensive fruit farming and clay mining.

By dedicating ourselves to this ongoing initiative to revitalise both people and place, we have uplifted the local community and made significant strides towards preserving rare indigenous flora and fauna. We have created a benevolent habitat in the Berg River Valley that allows threatened species to thrive in the protected environment of a prestigious residential enclave.

In the words of founder Martin Venter, our mission is “to leave a legacy that will have a lasting, positive impact on the Berg River valley as a whole”.

As a result, Val de Vie Estate is widely acknowledged as an outstanding example of eco-friendly development within the current South African context.

Re-housing of Farm WorkersNew homes (and jobs) for the old

When the development of Val de Vie Estate began on Kliprug Farm in 2006, the first consideration was to address the housing needs of the resident farm labourers, who had long been living in overcrowded, insanitary dwellings which lacked basic amenities such as electricity and indoor plumbing.

109 men, women and children were relocated and re-housed in 17 homes around Paarl and Wellington, which had been especially purchased, renovated and furnished for this purpose. Special arrangements were also made to accommodate senior citizens and orphans from the farm worker community a

t relevant institutions.

The entire process (overseen by a specialist personnel consulting firm), was undertaken by Val de Vie at a cost of over R7, 5 million and for the first time the workers are now the

proud home owners.

Skills Training and Job Creation

As part of an ongoing, sustainable worker upliftment and empowerment programme, Val de Vie aims to invest in and nurture its human resources, including the complement of existing farm labourers. In an attempt to integrate these workers into the infrastructure of the Estate on a sustainable basis, Val de Vie embarked on an extensive programme that included hands-on training for a variety of new jobs which either arose, or were created as development progressed.

Opportunities included work in the newly-established vineyards and polo fields, as well as a variety of general estate maintenance positions. These later grew to encompass the restaurant, cellar and equestrian facilities.

In addition, life-skills workshops were presented on relevant topics such as health and hygiene, communication, productivity and substance abuse.

Greening our valley (Adding Ecological Joie de Vivre to Val de Vie)







A major part of the Berg River valley falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom (a proclaimed World Heritage Site), and before actual development of the Estate began, eco-conscious Val de Vie Chairman, Martin Venter, worked in close conjunction with the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. Stringent guidelines were formulated to preserve, protect, enhance, restore, manage and sustain the degraded agricultural and industrial area’s remaining natural assets. After intensive independent studies had been conducted to assess environmental impact, an Operational Environmental Management Plan was drawn up and scrupulously adhered to, both during and after the construction phase.

Rare Plant Rescue Mission

One of the first steps was to rescue over 3 000 plants and bulbs (including rare and vulnerable flora), which were replanted into a dedicated conservation area. The soil was stabilised with Carpobrotus edulis, an indigenous succulent groundcover and “pioneer plant” from the Mesembyanthemum family, also known as the Vygie or Sour fig.

Rehabilitating the River

In line with Val de Vie’s holistic biodiversity programme, the rehabilitation of the Berg River bank bordering the Estate was another priority. Primary invasive alien vegetation (particularly the Black Wattle, Acacia mearnsii) was removed in partnership with the government agency, Working for Water, and replaced with indigenous stream-bank vegetation to counter soil erosion and encourage local wildlife. This eradication and replanting initiative is ongoing, and the previously threatened Black or Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) has once again been sighted in the river – an excellent indication of a healthy eco-system!

Landscaping in Val de Vie is strictly done according to an environmentally-approved plan, and naturally occurring water-wise vegetation has been incorporated into the overall design and layout, wherever possible. Our ultimate aim is not only to create an aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound environment for residents to enjoy, but also to attract a flourishing population of local wildlife.

From Dongas to Dams

Where deep, unsightly clay mines used for brick-making once existed, five interlinked perpetual flow feature dams were created. These are sustained by the run-off from mountain streams, underground seepage and water pumped from the Berg River, and now teem with fish, as well as an increasing number of bird species such as water-fowl.

Water Wisdom







Val de Vie has its own boreholes as well as water rights along the Berg River. Responsible water management is implemented at all times. Strict precautions are taken to minimise the environmental impact of the Polo fields, and a customised water collection system is in place to prevent seepage of the fertilised drainage.

We are also launching floating islands into our dams to create a beneficial wetland environment. Using the latest technology from BioHaven® Floating Islands, these green islands will provide a valuable habitat for fish and wildlife, as well as improve the quality of the water.

The Sewerage Treatment facility developed by EDP and operated by Drakenstein Municipality recently won an Award of Excellence awarded by WISA. This world-class facility is functioning on purely biological processes, making the use of added chemicals obsolete.

Flora and Fauna: Looking into the Future

Conservation Areas 
Two demarcated conservation areas have been established on the North side of Val de Vie Estate. The smaller reserve is close to the river and covers an area of roughly 1ha. It forms a significant and valuable remnant of the original indigenous Berg River vegetation. To protect the delicate ecological balance, this is a restricted-access zone and alien vegetation is removed by hand.

Three rare and threatened “Red Data List” species (now known as Species of Conservation Concern) have been recorded in this unique nature reserve. These are:

• Clay Conebush – Leucadendron lanigerum lanigerum (Endangered)

• Channel-leaf Sugarbush – Protea scorzonerifolia (Vulnerable)

• Ruschia diversifolia (A succulent of the Mesembryanthemum family – of least concern, but awaiting re-assessment.)

The second reserve is much larger and is designated as a wilderness area. It includes an extensive landscaped Fynbos garden, complete with a network of footpaths and convenient resting spots that allow residents to enjoy the scenery.

Game Reserve 
Val de Vie is proud to have pioneered the reintroduction of formerly indigenous game into the Berg River valley. After a joint feasibility study conducted with Cape Nature Conservation in 2010, a fenced 4.3ha natural grazing area was established. The Estate now boasts its own herd of  indigenous antelope – Springbok, Antidorcas marsupialis as well as zebra, Kaapse Grysbok (an endangered species) and Bontebok. All additions are made in consultation with Cape Nature Conservation and with their full endorsement.


As part of our environmentally-conscious philosophy, Val de Vie encourages residents to recycle as much of their household waste as possible. The Estate boasts its own glass and paper recycling banks.

Garden refuse is collected weekly by our landscapers and turned into compost. This is reused to provide nutrient-rich soil for the Estate, thereby continuing to beautify and sustain our own gardens and conservation areas.

The “No fly by day” Operation

Biological Pest Control

Val de Vie utilises an innovative natural agent to control the fly population. As every horse-lover knows, flies can be a huge nuisance to our four-footed friends (not to mention their two-legged companions), especially in the heat of the Boland summer!

The solution comes in the form of a tiny parasitic wasp (Muscidifurax raptor), whose favoured environment is damp dung-heaps and wet feed, both of which are breeding sites for flies.

The adult wasp stings and kills the fly pupa, allowing it to lay an egg in the pupal case. When the egg hatches, the wasp larva dines on the fly’s freshly-dead offspring with relish. Within just 19 to 21 days, an M. raptor adult emerges from the fly’s pupal case and begins its search for more fly pupae on which to feed and deposit eggs.

These insects are purchased in their larval stage and hung above the Val de Vie stables. The little wasps then fall into the straw bedding and dramatically reduce the fly population by breaking their lifecycles, without the need for costly, environmentally-destructive chemical control.

Recent international research has indicated that Muscidifurax raptor also eliminates fruit flies in vineyards, making it an even greater asset to the Estate!

Getting greener by the day…

New Vineyard Savvy

As a working wine farm, Val de Vie is aware of global shifts in more ethical and environmentally responsible vineyard management. As a result, we endeavour to maintain the lowest possible levels of Glyphosate herbicide. We favour organic fertilisers and utilise seedling crops as “green manure”. We also use tractors as seldom as possible during weed-spraying, and practice regulated phytosanitary removal of weed residues in order to avoid contamination.

Val de Vie Pre-School








Kinder Ark is a new addition to Val de Vie. It is not only a safe haven, but also provides endless opportunities for learning in a farm-like atmosphere.

Kinder Ark at Val de Vie strives to provide a safe and loving environment for your most precious gifts while you conquer the challenges of everyday life. They offer care for children from ages 2-5 years.

Operating hours are from 08H00 am to 01h30pm. We serve breakfast and a balanced cooked lunch. The daily programme includes free play, breakfast, scripture and songs, outside play.

We also offer the following extra mural activities (at an extra cost): Swimming, kidi-gym, playball, kindermuzik, beau arts, clamber club, experi buddies, rugga-kids, soetlief (emotional development).

Contact details

Madri Steyn (Principal): | 084 701 5583


Poloworld International’s gorgeous Spring 2013 Collection – on sale at the Market at Pink Polo

BlackBerry Pink Polo is always a must-attend event, complete with fashion, polo action, great food and wine, all in the name of a good cause.

This year the event will also include a fantastic market, offering a selection of find foods, decor goods, crafts and much more. Polo-world International will be selling their latest range at our annual BlackBerry Pink Polo Events on 26 October 2013. The Spring 2013 Collection has a palette that mixes dynamic brights with novel neutrals to create a harmonious balance. Expect to see stunning beach bags in sea blue, apple, red bus and yellow, as well as cheeky sleeveless Polo T-shirts in pink and multi candy colors.


Val de Vie hosts Nataniel

We were thrilled to host Nataniël at the Estate this August.  As one of South Africa’s favourite entertainers, Nataniël held two unforgettable shows which were packed with laughter, fun and plenty of smiles.

The evening show included plenty of singing and story telling. Guests enjoyed a glass of wine and canapés before entering the ballroom, where they laughed the night away with Nataniël.

The following morning show started bubbly and breakfast for the guests, followed by Nataniël’s Leefstyl show. He offered a variety of tips and ideas about about decor, colour and food, as well as insight into the history of dining and etiquette.

Friday Brandy & Live Music at Val de Vie Estate!

Remember to join us tonight at the restaurant at Val de Vie Estate for some Live Music and Brandy!

Stressed out about what to wear to this years’ Pink Polo at Val de Vie Estate?

Don’t worry; we at Maureen@BeautifulHomes will help you out with some wonderful ideas!!
Held on 26 October 2013, this glamorous occasion helps to raise awareness about breast cancer. Looking chic and stylish is a must, so we’re already looking out for the right outfits to wear.
Ticket options:
Pink Polo Pavilion: R380 – Access to main event area, includes a Pongracz bubbly, Grey Goose cocktail and high tea, fashion show and more.
Pink Polo Drive In: R1500 – Allocated area for a car of 5 guests. Cars will be parked next to the field. Bring own picnic basket, no alcohol. Shade will be provided per area. Access to the Pink Polo Market. Limited areas available.
For tickets email
Pink Polo Market
Market lovers, this is for you. Guests will be able to enjoy food and drinks from the carefully selected fresh food and beverage entrepreneurs while watching the action packed polo match and enjoying the funky sounds of some of the best local talent from the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley.
Tickets costs R50 and are available at WEBTICKETS.CO.ZA